Tuesday, February 20, 2018

National Love Your Pet Day

 Happy National Love Your Pet Day!  This is a day to cherish your pets everywhere and a special holiday is devoted to US! 

There are many ways to love a pet - treats, pets, extra attention...or it can be as simple as "holding paws!" I always have liked that.
-- Peaches the cat


Sometimes my human does like to include other animals on such a special day. There's nothing I or Paprika can do about it. She made this special collage of her neighbors pets, 3 cats from her favorite shelter ("Our Companions,") and, of course WE are in it. 

You can read more about this fun holiday HERE.

Happy Day to everyone and your beloved pets today. Of course for us bloggers its love your pet EVERY day!  What will you do for your pet today?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paprika's cleansing Day & Peaches' Displeasure

 Toe Day!

Each & every toe, I say! If there's anything I'm really good at, it's being limber enough to reach every remote part of my furred self! Apparently Peaches (who, between us, is a bit, um, overweight), has trouble appreciating this talent. I'm ignoring her - Paprika the cat

Peaches' Comments:

I've decided to disassociate myself with Paprika. She just does too many weird things like that back toe cleaning. Show off!

"The Birds" and My Displeasure

The highlight of this weekend has been bird-watching. But there were some big black things called "crows" hanging around...they were, um scary.  As you can see, I was very displeased with this experience. As a cat, I am entitled to be displeased, right?  - Peaches the cat

Bird-watching is not always this great experience you hear about!

It came to our attention that a certain human kept staring at us and pointing a flashy box at us.  Aren't we entitled to a little Down Time?

BTW, our human used Lunapic for today's Caturday Art effort - mostly the Escher effect. Just for a restful B & W change! You like?

We're joining Athena and Marie for Caturday Art today and look forward to visiting our furrriends!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Kiss

Today we're sending you our extra special favorite Valentines Card. 

We do use this card in other years because we love it so much and can't find one we like better. 

The story behind "The Kiss" is, Peaches was comforting me after our visit to the "vet" because I was so rattled. I hadn't known we got to go back home again. I don't get a great kiss from her very often so I really appurrrreciated it. Thanks, Sis!  Wishing you and your loved ones, furrrballs and human, many hugs, kisses & love for Valentines Day.

-- Paprika the cat

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sending you LOVE!

SENDING YOU LOVE for  Valentine's Day tomorrow... 

I thought you  might like a glimpse of my pink toes right about now...he he! Just kidding...but seriously, we love you, our friends and wish you the best day ever. 
Happy Tummy Tuesday!

---Peaches the cat

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Flying a Pink Cadillac to our Love Shack

Hello, furrriends, did you ever ride in a pink cadillac?  Or drive one?  or FLY one?  I know I know we all hate cars, but if you have a pink cardboard love house you're trying to get to in the tropics, it's a wonderful mode of transportation.

This video made by our tireless human let us do all those things without having to get into a cat carrier!  You can view the high-res version HERE or click on the lower-res RF video above(2 minutes). Or just enjoy the pictures of our adventure. (But the vid is more fun!)

Our Story:

Our human rented this wonderful bird for us called a "pink caddy." Though usually reluctant in regard to big things with wheels, we overcame our normal timidity to give it a try-out!

The Love shack is in the tropics. A long ways from our home in New England. So naturally we dressed for the occasion.

And awAAAy we go!

We're a NATURAL behind the wheel don't you think?

True to its promise, this car DOES fly

Once at our destination we were greeted by the most purrrr-fect house in the whole world

I'm goin' IN!

It's Purr-fect furrr me!

I can see you, can you see me?

Oh NO! I think PAPRIKA is checking out the house!

O Mi COD, Paprika's taken possession!

I MUST get her OUT!
Okay, Come OUTA there, Paprika!
Not budging? I'll huff & puff and...
BLOW the house DOWN!
THERE! That's done!   Roof gone.
Oh NO! Paprika's staying inside anyway without the roof? Come outa there, Paprika, now!

I'm lovin' this house, it's the purr-fect place for a nap, peached! - signed, Paprika the cat

Now that our big trip has been reported, we are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop AND Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop & wishing all a wonderful pre-valentine weekend. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kitten Bowl and Super Bowl Announcers

Okay, this is BIG.  we've been asked to try out for the job of "Super Bowl Announcer," as the previous ones (conflicted humans) quit in protest.  However Paprika canNOT seem to get with the program! A hopeless case! - Peaches the cat

Our totally cool graphic today comes from Imikimmi (we doubled it). And what better day to "announce" our new professions than to join Cat on My Head's Sunday Blog Hop!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

National Fun at Work Day


National Fun at Work day is based on the premise that work fun increases  job satisfaction, productivity and lowers absenteeism.  Well, as cats, we can testify to THAT!

Here at Chez Carol we share an office with a human, but are basically in charge. (as you can see)


Truth be told, we keep things interesting (we'll illustrate below) and have LOTS of fun!  We do have certain "Best Practices" we wish to recommend to cats at large.

1. Observe workspace VARIETY to keep interest level high!  it is not necessary to always work from traditional locations like chairs.

2. Do not be intimidated by humans into working from inferior spaces. INSIST on the best & most comfortable.  It will enhance your work "purrrformance."

3. "Fake it till you Make it! Assume an attitude of confidence, from a position of power, even when you might feel otherwise.

4."Assume creative positions & "spread out" (while not relinquishing authority.) this position is more entertaining than just sitting.

Try to interact & intertwine with articles found in your office. Leather can give a particular thrill.

By practicing the art of variety, creative positions & having a laugh or two we are certain we have increased our productivity. As for absenteeism, we are never absent from the office!


We are joining Cat On My Head's Sunday Blog Hop and look forward to visiting many fine animals today!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Artist Studio Cat

PEACHES, ARTIST'S CAT! Here is a photo with a little background but it's typical "Me" walking confidently with my tail straight up in Carol's artist studio. I got my eye on those feathers to the right....do you think she'll let me have them? Happy artsy Caturday to all!

We're joining Athena and Marie's hop today and wish a good weekend to all the other artsy kitties!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our version of Cat Yoga

We have decided that winter is an excellent time for a cat to upgrade her yoga skills.

We found we could strrrrretch pretty far. 

And when we're not stretching we're curling.  

We named a few poses, just for fun. Do you practice yoga poses too! 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy National Hug Day

When our human found out it was NATIONAL HUG DAY she spared no effort to find a picture of US. 

After a long record-breakingly quick search, she found this smoochy one. I had actually fallen asleep giving Paprika an ear wash! According to our human's research, this day is to encourage everyone to hug family & friends more often.  It didn't say that Cats couldn't hug each OTHER, did it? Wishing everyone a loving day for holding close your loved ones, pets and friends!

We are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop and look forward to giving a virtual hug to our blogging friends.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Evil Peaches? Caturday Art

While I was lounging peacefully in my cat condo, my human came right up to me and "transformed me" into an evil princess with the filter "painnt" - which Athena told her about. she used the "Charleston" effect this time.

But actually, I think I look a little mean here, don't you? 

Even meaner than when I'm mad at Paprika & trying to teach her a lesson. But I'll be back to my own sweet non-evil self soon!  I promise! Happy Caturday to all my friends and subjects!

Here is the way I look if it is cropped!

We're joining Athena and Marie's Caturday Art Hop today and look forward to seeing non-mean kitties and saying hello!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Happy Sunday. Peaches here! As you will notice from our header I am no stranger to hats. In my opinion, a soft hat caresses the ears...I am always up for THAT!  Here I'm wearing a scrumptious blue crocheted hat that Ellen Pilch's (of 15 and Meowing) famous grammie made a couple years ago. Let me tell you it is a favorite in this household.

Paprika lying ON the hat, not wearing it!
For ME!  Paprika will have nothing to do with hats, she is on the wrong track but what can I do?  She will lie down ON it but won't put it on.
Side View (Me)

Oh well, I enjoy it enough for both of us.   I made sure in my picture that my pink toe pads show, as the blue and pink are a great combo!

Disclosure: we did post this last year but it's the only comfortable hat I have!  My human is into "virtual hats" but I insisted! Hope you don't mind.

Here is a link to National Dress Up Your Pet Day. We are invited to celebrate our pets but cautioned to make sure the costume fits and if your fur ball doesn't like it, give them a break!  - Love, Peaches the cat

We are joining Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop today. Stop to HOP!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blue & Orange Calicos - Caturday Art

MOL, did you know it was US?  Our human is at it with the creative filters again! This one is from "PAINNT" - for IOS only!  We decided to take Marie & Atnena's suggestion and give this a try.  A few of the filters are free like "Xeneize" (this one). Otherwise there is a small subscription. 

We have some additional comments:

Peaches: I'm alittle outraged they turned my beautiful white vest to "orange." How did THAT happen?

Paprika:  I'm delighted they have enhanced MY orange vest!

Anyway we did have a fun time trying this out and back to our "real" selves tomorrow. We're joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop today & Happy Caturday to all!