Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy National Let's Laugh Day!

Time for merriment (of course any time is good for that!) Who doesn't need to relieve a little tension in our busy world, especially on a Monday! We believe in meowing & laughing at the same time!

More about National Let's Laugh Day can be found here!  Wishing everyone a fun and whimsical day.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

St Patrick Facebook Cat Friends Slideshow

We created this special St Paddy slideshow for our Facebook friends. Well, ok truthfully, our human did it. But we helped! Carol dressed up these felines so they are looking really FINE!  Everyone had a good time and hoping you enjoy it too!   2 of our blogger friends are in it too!
Just click on picture to view!  You won't be sorry!

Link to slideshow is by clicking on picture!

We joining the one and only Cat on My Head's blog hop today, with special birthday wishes to Giulietta & Angel Fiona!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patrick's Day to our Furrrriends

Wishing all of our dear friends a Verrrrrry Happyyy St Patrick's Day!

We are joining our friends for Marie & Athena's Caturday Art and look forward to seeing other green and Non-green kitties!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lights, Camera, Action!

Since our human has been busy creating slideshows this week, I Paprika got inspired decided to join my sisfur Peaches in a photo adventure. Remember her photo lesson a while back?  I did a better job than Peaches, right?
 The green enhances my green eyed personality.   If I could only learn the art of hiding my privates...but I'm told that's a human thing and doesn't matter for cats.

These are my sisfur Peaches photos from HER previous photo session. I think MINE are much better don't you? 

Wishing you all a Happy Tummy Tuesday!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

GREEN CATS Peaches & Paprika


Peaches: My human insisted I become GREEN today in honor of St Patrick's upcoming day AND Caturday ART.  She used the "greenify" filter from Painnt she said to tell you. What a nerve!  Check out how my back hairs are standing up.  do I look PLEASED?

Paprika: I, Paprika, would never dream of looking as fierce as my displeased sisfur Peaches. Because I was so well behaved my human gave me a green clover for this picture, also done with the Painnt Software. As you see I am a serious and well-behaved individual!

It will not surprise you to know we're joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art hop today. Happy Caturday to all!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Big St. Patrick's Day Preparation

We love looking all dressed up! But Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day is NOT something we look forward to.  Here is how our took place in the past!  We were resting peacefully in beautiful baskets when...

We tried to give our opinion!

Did no good, though!

If I go to sleep no one will bother me...

But THEN...

Well, it's all to the good...we THINK! Maybe! This is one of our favorite holidays. And yours too, we hope?

Note: This experience was originally described in March 2016 but we think it's timeless!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women's Working Day

We would like you to know that we girl cats are very industrious & want to celebrate International Women's Working Day

We too can often be found in the office working away!  PROOF can be found in Paprika's example above.

Peaches, as well, is a dedicated worker in her own way:

Paprika: Relaxing doesn't really count, Peaches~~


Paprika's worries: Of course being the worker of the two, it is I who often is left with the REAL worries of finishing all the paperwork!

We hope you'll agree, we have presented absolute proof we are hard working girls.  Don't you think so? Do YOU work hard? We wish all you girl cats a happy International Women's working Day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

OS-KATS Awards Weekend

Hellos,  spur-of-the moment our mom decided to have an Os-Kar kitty event on our Facebook page over the weekend!

30 friends  participated!  We had many finalists and gave "Os-kat" trophies  for 3 categories. 

1) Most romantic cat
2) Cat with Most certitude
3) Most romantic cat

We had additional categories (cuz our human wanted to include more cats: 4) Most mysterious cat 5) Best upside down position and 6) cat with most beseeching look. No prizes, as it was all in fun but everyone said they had fun. Thought we'd share some of the pictures!

Category winners:

 Additional Awards

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


What if you looked up from the dentists' chair to find our your dentists were CATS?

Hee Hee, we were just messing with you cuz today is DENTIST'S DAY!

Yes, there is truly a day dedicated to dentists. You supposed to send your dentist e-cards and floss your teeth and things like that.

We thought we'd try being dentists to see if we could earn some money for cat food...well let you know how it worked out.  Can you tell which of us is which in the picture? 
(Hint: Peaches is wearing pink!)

Before signing off, we decided we should show off our pointed fangs since it's a special day. Speaking of which, Happy Tooth Tuesday!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Interviews with Os-Kat winners Peaches & Paprika

It's all signed, sealed and delivered! Peaches and Paprika are grand winners 

Peaches Os-Cat:
Drama Queen Award

Paprika OS-Cat
 Dramatic Acrobatic Award


Peaches: the coveted "DRAMA QUEEN AWARD"
InterviewerPeaches, when did you first realize you might be a Drama Queen one day?
Peaches the cat: When I was a tiny kitten, people kept stopping my my box & saying "How Adorable" and ignoring all my litter mates.  I knew THEN!

Interviewer:  What are  the advantages of being a "Drama Queen?"
Peaches the Cat:  HEH! I can get anything I want by "posing" & revealing my white tummy and other charms. That's worth aLOT!


Interviewer:  Paprika, how did you decide to combine drama with acrobatics & when did you get started?

Paprika:  When I was a tiny kitten & my sisfur PEACHES chased me, I had to make a dramatic jump so she could not reach me! I ended up on top of a door!

Interviewer:  What are the advantages of being a dramatic acrobat?

Paprika:  Numerous!  Most importantly, I can escape Peaches, the Drama Queen whenever I want, hee hee.   And I can be pretty dramatic myself on top of doors. 

Interviewer:  Do you ever have trouble getting down from those high places?

Paprika:  Well...that's another story.  

Interviewer:  Thank you girls, for answering all the questions we were wanting to know and Con-catulations again on your awards!

*Frames courtesy of Imikimi!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oscar (Os-KAT) awards + 18 Amazing facts 'bout US

So we're gonna take Ck's wunnerful idea & enlighten you bout us (assuming you wanna know) but first we have exciting news regarding the exciting OSCAR ("OS-KAT" Awards. 


I, Peaches have been nominated for the "drama queen oscar" for my startling performance earlier this month.


2. Paprika has been nominated for a special new category: the "Dramatic Acrobatic Cat" for her startling performance on DOORS.


We will let you know tomorrow whether we won anything!


 (inspired by CK's recent post of 18 facts 'bout her)

1.  Favorite Smell:
       Peaches: Tuna of course. 
       Paprika:  Salmon baking gently in the oven.

2.  Last time I hissed:
       Peaches:  I never have to hiss. Everyone respects me    already.
       Paprika:  I hiss at Peaches a LOT combined with very SCARY musical snarly sound effects because she's always harassing me & I have to put on a show of strength. I never have hissed at humans, though.

3.  Favorite Pizza
     Peaches:  Anchovies
     Paprika:   Anchovies & bacon pizza

4.  Favorite Flower:
     Peaches:  Peach Blossoms of COURSE. And yesterday was "Peach Blossom" Day. Check out my post.
     Paprika:  My mom's Silk Flowers.  Crunch!

5.  Favorite Dog Breed
     Peaches:  I don't do dogs.
     Paprika: We lived with a dachshund once. But he wouldn't let me ride on his back.Very uncooperative.

6.  Favorite Ice Cream
     Peaches:  Peach Ice Cream Of COURSE. Did you know there is a special day to honor MY ice cream?
     Paprika:  None. 

7.  Pet Peeve:
     Peaches: When my sisfur Paprika is being a PEST
     Paprika:  When Peaches gets bossy & takes on an attitude (which is, like all the time).

8.  Shorts or Jeans
     Peaches & Paprika:  We like to go to sleep on Carol's jeans when available!

9.  Color of my PTU
     Peaches:  Dark Red w/wheels. I outgrew my Peach PTU.
     Paprika:  Light blue with wheels. 

10.  Color of my eyes
     Peaches: smoldering amber
     Paprika:  very green

11.  Favorite Food
       Peaches:  Sardines
       Paprika:   Tuna

12.  Least Favorite Food
       Peaches & Paprika:  Anything we're told is "good" for us!

13.  Favorite Holiday
       Peaches: Halloween so I can Sceeeare people & wear fun costumes. like red horns.
       Paprika:  Christmas cuz I like to bliss out on catnip

14.  Night Owl or Morning Person
      Peaches & Paprika:  Either.  We go to sleep when our human does & get up when she does. (boy is she lucky...when we hear about the nighttime antics of OTHER cats)

15.  Favorite Day of the Week
       Peaches & Paprika:  Sunday, cuz that's our "tuna" day (we only get it once a week!)

16.  Do You Have a Nickname?
       Peaches:  "Peaches Ka-beaches!"
       Paprika:  "Paprika Ka-beeka!"  I'm sometimes also called "Shrimpkin" cuz I'm small but I don't like that name.

17.   Favorite Music: 
        Peaches & Paprika:  Country & Western-always!
We were heartbroken not to get to go to Memphis when the Blogpaws convention was there.

18.  Tattoos:
       Peaches: I don't do tattoos but if I did, I'd have a logo that says "most beautiful cat" on it.
       Paprika:  Peaches is totally nuts. Ignore her.

If you got this far, thank you for reading about us, we really appreciate it. And to CK of Stunning Keisha for suggesting the fun questionnaire.  

We're joining The Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop & look forward to seeing you there!


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Peach Blossom Queen today--Peaches the cat

Did you know that today is NATIONAL PEACH BLOSSOM DAY!  It's true! When I found out about this I lost no time finding some peach blossoms and posing.  I have been appointed queen of peach blossom day don't you think that's appropriate?  Our human used Topaz & Photoshop today. He He my sisfur Paprika will be so jealous!  You can read about Peach Blossom Day HERE. We're joining Athena & Marie's Caturday Art Hop today!  Happy Caturday to all!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dr Seuss Try-Ons

Good morning, Peaches here!
This year, My human was determined to FINALLY have us wear the Dr Seuss hat which our friend's mom, brought us 2 YEARS ago as a special gift. It was made by her mom!
Ms. Ellen of 15 and Meowing blog had asked me personally  then if I would wear the hat for Dr Seuss Day.

I refused last year but this year I have become more outgoing and cooperative. My human cannot believe it!

The next step was to ask Paprika to put on the hat.  She knew what was coming so had migrated to the top of the refrigerator.

As I however had suspected, Paprika was her usual ornery self when it comes to costumes or picture-taking!

So as per usual, it will be up to ME to entertain the crowds.  Believe me, I'm up to the task.  I have no choice since some sisfur at there on the fridge is determined to NOT participate! -- Peaches the cat
PS: Because of the special a day and circumstances of Paprika not joining me in hat-wearing, I purrrsuaded our human to create a new graphic of us with books.  After all, it doesn't hurt to "pretend" to be literary.  

What better way to start than with Dr. Seuss!