Sunday, November 12, 2017

Taking advantage of the Falling Leaves

There is nothing to do at a time like this but to enjoy colorful leaves!  Okay we confess.  We're indoor cats: this is a "leafy" blanket our human bought to entertain us .  Well, instead we thought we'd entertain her! 
Forgetting it's not "Tummy Tuesday," Peaches takes a turn!

Lo and behold, we have received offers from our efforts.  Please watch for us in the news!
Note: Carol has never heard of these publications

Wishing a happy "End of Autumn" to all this month and we're joining "The Cat on My Head"  blog hop to celebrate! 

Note: We posted our "fallen leaves" portraits a couple of years ago but thought we'd remind our human and the world what fun it is to have leaves on the ground!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy glorious Autumn from Peaches

My devoted human dressed me up for autumn today. It was only right since my undeserving sis-fur, Paprika, got to take the stage last week. The autumn leaf effect if from Imikimi, with some extra touches and the crafty frame from Picmonkey. We are joining Athena and Marie's CATURDAY Art Blog hop today and look forward to bidding yellow to our fellow curries!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Autumn is made for Calico Cats

This is the one time Paprika & I agree on something. As we have always maintained, autumn is OUR season.  However we do recognize other cats may think it is THEIR season! But look at it this way: What cats have more autumn colors?????

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Paprika - "Artsy Cat"

It is definitely tine to "toot" my own horn! I asked my human a"what about ME?"  So she put together this neat Lunapic effect AND added two filters (orion  and HDL I think) from PicMonkey.  I DESERVE all this attention, yes?    We are joining Atehna and Marie's Caturday art hop today!
PS: This is a PNG file but somehow it comes out with white around it on Blogger. Anyone know how to post a transparency?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Countesses Peachula and Paprikash Red Devils

It's time to show our, um HORNS!  Since our human often calls us "little devils" we may as well look the part! Since we worked so hard putting together the black cats slideshow, we felt we deserved our OWN post, don't you?  Yours truly, Vampira Princesses Peaches & Paprika

Well we never DID get our wings, but we look scary enough without them.  We HOPE! 

And now, time to visit the other beautiful scary and non-scary creatures for Cat On My Head's Sunday blog hop!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Spooky Days are Here again

I love being spooky and sceaaaring people.  Note that I, as usual, am in the forefront, and timid sisfur Paprika is hanging out on the haunted house rooftop. when she's not trying to ump over the moon. This is a gif from last year from Imikimi but it's one of our all time favorites!  I just love the way I get to flash on and off the screen! - Peaches the Cat

We are lining Athena and Marie's  Caturday Art Hop and look forward to saying hello to our spooky and non-spooky furrrriends.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Sunday 10/29/17: We are posting a link again Sunday so those who didn't have a chance to see it earlier can enjoy.  many blogger friends participated. You will see Glogirly, Alasandra the Cats and Dogs, Colehouse Cts, Aimable Cats, Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, The Island Cats, Squeedunk Whiskers, Dash Kitten and Critters in the Cottage. Enjjoy!

Wednesday's posting 10/25/17: We never knew there were so many awesome black cats in the world.  We created this slideshow all by ourselves to pay honor to them on this upcoming, special CAT HOLIDAY, Halloween! Below is a low res show...for better resolution, check out our youtube channel link.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Happy Caturday from our WEB

Happy Caturday to all! We have been Verrrry busy putting together our human's Black Cat Halloween slideshow. She does very little work, we have to do it ALL! Since everyone keeps bothering us, we have secluded ourself in this WEB till we're done. why would she want to show off black cats anyhooooo when we all know CALICO CATS RULE THE WORLD!

Of course being in a Caturday Art blog hop we have to walk this back and tell you there are other pretenders to the throne lots of them who are worthy and beautiful.  Check them out below!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Black Cats Halloween Slideshow: YOUR black cat invited!

Are YOU a BLACK CAT who'd like to be in our Halloween slideshow? We decided to be a little different and honor black cats this year. If you ARE, just click on the link below, and that will get you to our Facebook page to join in the fun. Easy instrucs are on link.

This weekend we're joining Athena and Marie's Caturday Art and will link up tomorrow for Cat On My Head's Sunday hop as well

Love, P & P

PS: We'll be doing our usual Holiday slideshow in December for all blogger friend fireballs~

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Autumn Tortie & Calico Slideshow

Well WE have been verrry busy kitties the last couple weeks, putting together an autumn slideshow honoring forties and calicos such as MUDPIE, CALISTA JO, PIXIE & MORE!  After all, what felines have such autumnal colors? 35 of our FB readers And blogging buddies, proud owners of these fiercely individualistic fireballs participated.  
Next week we will be doing a "black cats" slideshow for Halloween. CLICK BELOW TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW.

Alittle about these multi-colored furballs:  torties & calicos, in beautiful orange, black, cinnamon and sometimes white, are notorious for being, um, "free spirits."  Remember the word, "Tortitude?" These gals have lots of that!  They can be little terrors when things don't go their way but are also playful, inventive and fiercely loving.  As the secretary for 2 calicos, I agree with the above completely!

Now that you have visited all us scrumptious Torties, we hope you will hop and meet many more cats with their interesting stories...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Peaches & her Pumpkin - Caturday Art

Hello, Peaches here! My sisfur Paprika is usual, she's missing all the fun.

Well, my human is just SOooo busy, she is almost fur-getting CATURDAY ART and we cannot let that happen! So here is her latest creature-ation....she took an already award winning pic of me and superimposed Lunapic's Van Gogh effect...VOILA!  I love the original pic is below! Happy Caturday to all!

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Exciting News for tortie/calico owners!  New slideshow on our Facebook page celebrating autumn and honoring Tortoiseshell cats  is now being assembled.  Hope you tortie owners can participate.  Note our own Mudpie, famous cat of Melissa's Mochas Mysteries and Meows kindly agreed to grace our poster with her beautiful presence. Thanks, Mudpie and Melissa! Here's the link to our FB page & hope to see you there!!! Happy autumn to all!

In addition to what's written on the FB page above , you are welcome and invited to include your blog name along with kitty's name! Also please LIKE our page while you're there if you haven't already.  First 50 Torties  who enter will be in a special slideshow. We have 20 already! Deadline September 22.

Joining Cat On My Head's Sunday blog hop today!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Window Spats

Alas, Our human fell in love with black & white this week so our lovely Peach colors are just a memory.

 I want you to know that Peaches was very discourteous to me when we were looking out the window this week. So I swatted her one. Do you blame me? Love, -- Paprika the Cat

I was just attending to my cleanliness routines...why is my brat sister harassing me?

So I SWATTED her one.  Do you blame me?  

Peaches:  I don't have to takin NOTHIN' from you, squirt.  Check out the angle of my beautiful pointed tail. Bet YOU can't do THAT!


Paprika: I can do that and MORE. And I think my sister Peaches is a "spoil-sport. Tune in soon. 

Today we're joining Marie and Athena's Caturday Art hop. Our pix fixed the Lunapic Escher black & white effect. Fun! But we want to be peachy again. See you there and please visit those fun artsy kitties below!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Last Days of Summer

Well, we have decided to make the BEST of the labor day weekend at THE BEACH as summer time is almost over! I finally persuaded Paprika to enjoy it with me! We are joining Caturday Art Saturday and Cat on My Head's Sunday hop to enjoy it!

Paprika getting into the spirit at last while I try on yet another pair of sunglasses!

Paprika apparently went way overboard about the whole beach experience. The things I have to put up with!

Here she is, feeling no pain!

We had a blast playing with sandcastles. That activity is MADE for cats!

All good things must come to an end...Mrow & alas...

Happy Labor Day weekend to all and may you enjoy these last blissful days...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Peaches & the Fox Blanket

Well, surprise, surprise, I got a new blanket. My human thought it would be fleecy and nice...she did not notice there was a FOX on it. Well I got on this blanket and saw this pair of eyes...WOOW...who are YOU? I asked him.  The fox didn't answer my questions so of course I decided to make a pillow out of his head and go to sleep.  What a weird experience....

So my human told me I looked kinda grouchy in this picture. I ask you, what is the purpose of being a tortie-calico if you can't show TORTITUDE?

This week we are joining Athena and Marie's Caturday Art hop.  Our undaunted human used Lunapic's filter Landscape cuz she admired Athena's picture last week!

Friday, August 25, 2017

National Kiss and Make Up Day

When we heard about this day, we were adamant it should be celebrated by CATS, not only humans. Riiight???After all, don't WE have spats too? Don't WE kiss and make up! Mrrrrow...we should say SO! 

Peaches kissing Paprika

Love to all on this special day

-- Peaches & Paprika

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

TOOTH FAIRY TUESDAY!!! I have been commissioned to be a tooth fairy today in celebration of National Tooth Fairy Day! So if you know any children or have any young relatives who need teeth, I, Paprika, am authorized to deliver one. Peaches has agreed to act as my assistant though she has been very bossy about it, like I don't know my job. Hope you'll forgive my not celebrating Tummy Tuesday, but they made me cover up my tummy today with this pink organdy stuff. Don't know what gets into humans sometimes. Need any teeth?

Love, Paprika the Cat

PS: As you'll note from the conversation below, Peaches tried to "take over" and I had to put her in her place!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Paprika's Rapture

Though both of us enjoyed the Meowbox we reviewed yesterday, the most blissful of the crowd was ME, Paprika.  My human, for Caturday Art, decided to make a collage of my blissed out state with Pic monkey.  
Check out that  sly,"zoned out" pic of me on bottom left.  I was flying' high!  Happy Caturday to all!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Meowbox Summer Camp Collection Product Review

Camp Cats Peaches & Paprika ready for action!

Oh Boy!  We heard  today that a special box just arrived for us. It was the "Meowbox Summer Camp Collection" - a surprise  we heard about from our adoring human.

Naturally we dressed for the occasion!

Meowbox, according to our human is a special "goodies" box created for cats like us who like surprises.  We had just gotten a different box from another company last month that was b-o-r-i-n-g.  But we guardedly held out hope that this one would be neat.

It WAS!  This  Meowbox had the most scrumptious goodies in it we ever experienced!  A cat could not be more pleased.  Here's how it went down!
We were delighted when we opened the box to find our names were on it! And a cool gift card about kitties at Camp. These greetings made us feel warm & fuzzy.
And then we pawed the box open! Mrow-Wow-double Mrowwww! 

There were the most incredible things in it which SMELLED GOOD:

  • KITTY CAMPER DUO: a HOT DOG and CAMPFIRE toy with catnip which got us excited about camping! (and catnapping)
  • CATNIP S'MORES: tasty catnip filled treats
  • CAMP BADGE TRIO: Crinkly stuffed 'MEOWIT' Badges
  • CAT CAMP BALL CHASER: - by Animalove. Blue & yellow handmade toy with sisal, rattan & wood. We chased after it immediately!
  • "IT'S PURRELY NATURAL" Chicken Treats 
  •  - freeze dried & containing no additives

The first four items were by R2P Pet Ltd, who surely knows about felines and furballs. The chicken treats were by Animalove. Yum!

Of course we could hardly wait to try it all out, but deciding what to try first was part of the fun!  Sniffing and Whiffing and cat-vestigating were an integral part of the camp experience!

Kitty Camper Duo: - Hot Dog & Campfire Toy

We were mesmerized by the large "hot dog" and far more so, once we, um "whiffed" it!


We thought this toy was beyond adorable! We tried to pull off the marshmallows and there was a little tree behind it!

Camp Badge Trio 

Every kitty camper needs badges! These stuffed 'Meowit' badges from Camp Meowbox fit the bill! Paprika likes the blue one...I'll take them all!

 I was then told by my human to "play nice" and share with sister, Paprika. Bah!

 "It's Purely Natural Chicken Treats"

Since we started to feel drowsy, it was time to wake up with some tasty treats.  We gave in at last. Our human told us we could have some another day too!

Cat Camp Ball Chaser

The last toy we tried was the most fun of all cuz we got to chase it! It is a unique toy handmade with sisal, rattan & wood.  I took it over and would not Paprika near it!

Throughout the, um, "event," we were all "high energy" and outdid ourselves with jumps and lunges. Paprika even rose up into the air!

Paprika's Bliss 

So at the end, sisfur Paprika (left) completely "blissed out" and I myself went into a divine catnip stupor as well!

- Signed,
Peaches the Cat

So where do you get this wonderful box which your kitties will have fun with?

It's available at 
  • Cost: Subscription boxes can be ordered monthly or bimonthly, cost is $22.95 + tax and you get 4-6 items. For $32.95 they can be given as a one time gift. More details on their website.
  • Not "run of the mill"  items!High quality, natural ingredients - organic or locally made.
  • "One Box Can" - For each Meowbox you receive, a can of food is given to a shelter cat on your behalf.
  • Theme & Personalization: Each box is personalized with your cat's name(s) and there is a special fun theme every month.

Signing Off for now...we just must since we are finding ourselves in an, um, "Catnip Stupor..."
We've all been there!


We were not compensated fur this review. We received a complimentary Meowbox in exchange for our honest review & opinion.

PS: For those who didn't see the Camp Collection slideshow and want to, here's the link from yesterday you can click to see it!