Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Island ExperienceVideo for Tiki Cats Product Review-#Chewyinfluencer

Our well-meaning but scatterbrained human meant to post this island video she made yesterdays part of her #chewyinfluencer post More info re this delicious cat food can be found at  Chewy.com - Tiki Cat Foods.   Luaus, straw hats, grass skirts, Ahi Tuna and the Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Luau Variety canned cat food...it's all part of the ISLAND EXPERIENCE.

Note: for better resolution, check out this link from our our youtube channel. Chewy called it, um "hiss-terical!"

Note: having done nothing else creative all week , we decided to share our somewhat luny creative Hawaiian efforts with our Pet Parade  hosted by Rascal & Rocco & our beloved Caturday Art hop hosted by Athena & Marie!

Aloha to all, Mrow mrow...

(if time, check out our pix in previous post to see us in grass skirts...you KNOW how hard it is to get a grass skirt on a cat?)

Monday, January 30, 2017


Ah, the lure of the  islands! (Especially in the middle of winter!) We felt that island pull most deeply when Chewy's latest box arrived and our human, being part of the Chewy Influencer program got to offer us it delicious contents!

Tiki Cat canned cat food especially caters to "fussy felines (that's us!) with grain-free, human grade shredded or sliced meats & seafood, grain-free with lots of protein!
We knew immediately that when the chewy box arrived there was something very "special" in it!
The variety pack we got contained four different varieties of delicious seafood:  Ahi Tuna, Sardine Cutlets (wow, we hardly EVER see those!, Tune with CRAB, and Ahi Tuna with Mackerel!
Of course it was a while before we even got our human to open the cans cuz she was having so much fun looking at the colorful pictures.  It was necessary to take drastic measures so we pulled a favor from an "outside contact" and acquired island costumes! We figured this would impress her so much that she would HAVE to open those cans!

Finally - FINALLY! - Our human condescended to open the delectable cans for us and not a moment too soon~ We were at those cans like you wouldn't believe.  Paprika tried the sardine cutlets (she's the sardine type) whereas I of course got to sample the tuna with CRAB!! (wow)  

To be on the safe side we decided to don grass skirts in case she changed her mind about feeding us.  That way she'd be impressed and we'd get our way!  Do we look island or WHAT?!!!               Well we ate and ate and guess what...we wanted more!  Naturally after waiting all that time.  It doesn't hurt to ask, does it?  What do YOU think?  did we get seconds?  

Well in addition to tasting this delicious, healthy fairly low calorie food which we'd never had before, we got to celebrate the occasion and boy did we have a good time with all the different flavors, just thinking about them!  We're going to try the Ahi Tuna next!

 THE TIKI CAT KING KAMEHAMEHA LUAU VARIETY CANNED CAT FOOD can be ordered through Chewy.com, and you will get a case of 12 sumptuous 2.8 ounce cans like we did to savor and enjoy! Discounted cost is $11.18. Free shipping on orders over $49.

Disclaimer:  We were not compensated for this review but got a 12 pack of Tiki Cat King canned cat food in change for our honest review.  Well honestly, you will be so happy you ordered this fun and healthy variety pack!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

White Cats Delight...Room for just a few more!

Good morning, all.   Do you have a white cat? We have room for a few more white beauties in our White Cats Delight Event on Our (Peaches & Paprika's) Facebook Page! Deadline this weekend!.  PURE WHITE ONLY, PLEASE! No fair sneaking in that calico cutie, with some well hidden black & orange spots on her head.. We've discovered a few stripes sneaking in behind a beautiful white face...even a secret secret siamese!Other cats will have a turn later, we promise! First 50 white kitties will be in our Valentines Slideshow. Worth the visit!

Today we're joining Athena's CATURDAY ART and Cat On My Head's Sunday Blog Hop and invite you to visit the other gorgeous cuties this weekend!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

White Cats Delight Event...room for just a few more white cats!

Hello, friends.  Last month we hosted a calico celebration on our Facebook page and everyone had a great time.  70 beautiful calicos! 

This month we decided to be really good sports and include Other cats. This week there is a WHITE CAT CELEBRATION on Our FACEBOOK PAGE 

If YOU have a white cat (pure white, please, not fair to hide a chocolate covered leg or something like that...!) If you have a REALLY white cat, hope you will post your kitty's photo in the comments item(and name of course and a line or two if you feel like it) onto the comments part of our Facebook post re "white cat delight event"post.

The first 50 white cats to post will be in a valentine slideshow!  Cool beans, huh?  I know you're thinking, WHY should we calicos host a white cat show?  Well, don't forget, MUCH of me is white!  Check me out...right? right?

Signed, Peaches the Cat

Today we join Cat on My Head's Sunday blog hop and invite you to visit all the fine animals in attendance at this popular event!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter Snuggle

Peaches & Paprika share a little winter snuggle after many disagreements over who gets the best office space!   This beautiful frame by Imikimi! Joining Caturday Art today and wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Computer Mouse taken over by Peaches the Cat

Hello,everyone. I just learned a new trick!  My disobedient human kept doing her "computer work" recently, ignoring me. Here's what I did: I PUSHED THE COMPUTER MOUSE away from her hand onto the FLOOR!

 I then took up my rightful place on the desk. hahaha. The SHOCKED LOOK on her face was my reward. I'm joining Cat on My Head's weekly blog to share this successful experiment with you. Don't you think I did the right thing?

Note from Carol:  this really happened.  I WAS shocked to see my computer mouse land suddenly on the floor and Peaches look so pleased....

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Calico Celebration Album

Good morning dear friends.  We wanted to show you "Calicoland" a calico celebration we created on our Facebook page to honor our esteemed calico friends and readers. 
6 of our blogger community were in it!
Although our human did SOME of the work, we were INTEGRAL in the process!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


PURINA MUSE NATURAL CHICKEN RECIPE IN GRAVY....was what we got to review this past month as part of Chewy.com's blogger outreach program.

To cut to the chase, this food is Just nutritious and delicious! More following. We do want to describe our fascination with this food even before we got to devour it.

So first we knew "something was up" when a new box with cans appeared on the kitchen table!
There's something to be said for this box

Oh to have a can opener now!

So intriguing

GOT A CAN OPENER or not????

WELL we finally got to EAT this intriguing food and discovered the following:
 1) We love it and ate ALL of it!
2) According to the Purina descritip it's made with real chicken with added vitamins and minerals.

3) There's no corn or soy...it's moisture rich...it includes quality proteins & no added artificial flavors or preservatives (this makes our human feel real confident).

4) It has added Taurine which helps to support good vision.

5) It comes in varied flavors including salmon, turkey, salmon & shrimp & several more.

if you would like to buy it we're delighted to report it's on sale! The current price is only $21.98 for 24 3  ounce cans, a savings of more than $8. Just visit Chewy's website at www.chewy.com 

Nuitricious, grain-free, healthy and delicious, what more can any cat ask?


Disclaimer: We received a box of Purina Muse Natural Chicken Recipe cat food in exchange for our honest review - which is that we love, love, love it!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017 to our friends!

Happy Happy New Year to all our dear kitty friends. We and our human are so glad to have stumbled across your blogs & hops and are grateful for your friendship.  We wish you LOTS of meows, purrs, love & laughter in 2017.

Love, Peaches and Paprika

PS: Our human wants us to tell you she will be a little scarcer in January cuz she has to prepare an exhibit and lecture for her "other" great love, BIRDS.  Hey, it's good with us.  We Looove birds. Long as she's not photographing those "other" cats like she did last month...

Please join the hop and visit all the other beautiful furries sending their good wishes today!