Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy International Tiger Day!

From Paprika the Cat: 

Well I have always thought myself a stalking tiger par excellence so for Caturday Art, I triplicated myself to celebrate this important day! Don't you think I look like a good stalker? Peaches may be joining me later in the day as she did not approve of being excluded. You can read more about  International Tiger Day here!  It's an international holiday celebrating the conservation of these precious animals.  I'm sure we all agree, tigers are wonderful!! and I consider myself descendent of a proud breed.

From Peaches:  you're darn right I'm joining you!

I I I Ican't believe Paprika thought she was going to hog all the attention.  I'm watching you, Paprika, I'm watching you! 

- signed, Peaches the cat


  1. Paprika,
    You look like a wonderful tiger. And there are three of you, too.
    Yael from

  2. You make a lovely tiger. I thought there were three of you in the first picture, but then I saw another one hiding below your first image.

  3. You two are lovely mini-tigers ! Purrs

  4. Beautiful mini tigers like me!

    Purrs xx

  5. I didn't know it was Tiger Day before today, but you ladies sure look lovely representing them!

  6. Love today's art. They look like they're really in the wild.